Warranty & returns management

Warranty and returns management is an expensive business.  It is a good rule of thumb that every dollar spent processing a sale cost $9 to process the return.  Replacing the item might be the smallest of these costs with brand reputation being ptting on the line and the direct costs of transport, warehousing, customer service and administration resources all being utilised to solve a supply issue.

Whether you are servicing consumers or business or both you minimising the costs of returns makes goods sense.

Do yourself and your customers a favour and get Retrn’d from Cirralto.

Retrn’d enables your inside and field sales team to process customer credit claim’s in a timely manner, chat / instant message with customers around the claim and create credit note transactions that can be integrated into ERP or accouting system and into the systems of yours Customers as a debit note.  

Retrn’d is a bundle with unlimited instance of Claim’d the iOS, Android and  Web app that enables your customers to provide you with accurate, timely requests for credit that include both evidence to support their claim and details of their preferred remedy to the supply issue.

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Cost Reduction Solutions

Prevent fraudulent returns
Physical counts once per year
Quicker stock finding in store
Less business infrastructure in business
Reduced stock take cycle counts
Remove delivery scanning
Lower logistics and reverse logistics costs
Lower min stock levels